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Running is one of the most popular forms of staying fit. Millions of Americans run everyday, whether it is for training, to lose weight, or just for fun. But before you hit the pavement with a Rocky montage playing in your head, you need the right gear. While it seems that you can run in anything, your running wardrobe is very important. You want comfortable, loose fitting clothing that will keep you cool. Even if you jog in cold weather you can get overheated. But most important of all are your shoes. You put a lot of pressure on your feet and knees when running, so you want shoes that are comfortable, and will give you ample support and cushioning. Let’s take a look at some of that gear that will get the job done.

Shorts and Pants: Nike makes some great running shorts. If you’re a lady, I recommend womens Nike Runner Printed shorts. They are made of DRI-fit fabric that removes perspiration. For men, the Nike Stretch Woven Running Shorts are also made with DRI-fit fabric, and have an internal pocket for your valuables. Nike also makes running pants available with the same DRI-fit technology.

Shoes: I’m going to recommend the Viso Pro Nike. Now I know they are a basketball shoe, but basketball is a sport that puts an awful lot of impact on the knees and feet, and are made for a lot of running since players are doing that for the majority of the game. Running shoes are a good pick up as well, but I feel that basketball shoes provide more cushion and comfort for the pressure put on your legs.

What are your favorite shoes and clothes to go running in? Share your stories and tips with us in the comments section below!






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