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non-slip oxford dress shoes for men, mens brown wing tip oxfordsWoman have lots of shoes. That’s a blatant stereotype, but if you compare the shoe closets of an average man and woman, you’ll likely see that the woman has a whole lot more inventory in her collection. Why is that? Women are more keenly attuned to the needs of fashion and decor than men in general. A man is likely to own just one or two pairs of shoes – sneakers and dress shoes, and maybe a pair of flip flops to boot.There’s no reason though why men should be woefully inadequate in the shoe dress department. In today’s blog we’re going to take a look at a couple of great shoes that you can use to expand your own wardrobe and level up your fashion game.

Introducing the Oxford

non-slip oxford dress shoes for men, mens brown wing tip oxfordsThe classic oxford is an elegant and time honored look in men’s fashion. Strangely though, its not very popular among American men. Things are going to be different for you though dear reader – because you’re obviously a fashion minded and forward thinking fan of Be Suave. Oxfords are a great choice in either brown or black, and go well with most outfits. For the start kit, we recommend getting yourself a pair of brown non-slip oxford dress shoes for men and pairing them with tan chinos, a brown belt and a blue toned dress shirt.

The Wingtip Oxford

Mens brown wing tip oxfords dovetail nicely into this conversation about shoes for the civilized gentleman. Wingtip oxfords are similar in design and construction to normal oxfords, however they included added features and details that make them standout as something a little more than a typical dress shoe. Wingtip oxfords generally included perforation details as well as the obvious “wingtips” which are additional pieces of leather on the outside of the shoe. Save these for a more formal occasion such as an opera or symphonic concert.


Written by Russel Hawthorne

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