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organza gift set, molded glass spray perfume bottles

If you’re looking for a gift for a fragrance fanatic but aren’t quite sure what to get her, don’t stress – you already have a great foundation to work off of. Here are a few suggestions to help you find a gift any perfume lover would enjoy:

Go for a daytime perfume
When it comes to giving a fragrance as a gift, it’s always a good idea to go for a more versatile perfume that is appropriate for everyday wear. After all, nobody likes giving or receiving a gift that will never be used. Since evening perfumes are only appropriate for certain occasions, find a casual daytime scent.

To add to her collection: Givenchy Organza gift set

Once you’ve narrowed your perfume choices down to daytime varieties, you might still find that you have an overwhelming number of choices remaining. You can never go wrong with floral perfumes, since these are such staples. If you want to give more than just a bottle of perfume, try giving a gift set, such as a Givenchy Organza gift set. Organza combines notes of honeysuckle, gardenia, vanilla, nutmeg and amber into an irresistible fragrance. Fans love its daylong staying power and its fresh scent that is subtle rather than overpowering.

To add glam to her vanity or dresser: molded glass spray perfume bottles

For many fragrance lovers, half the fun of owning perfume is not only wearing it, but enjoying the sight of the beautiful bottles adorning their vanity or dresser. Your recipient can use molded glass spray perfume bottles as replacements for her more plain bottles or as decorative additions to her room. For a gift with old-school charm, look for a vintage-style bottle with a tassel atomizer. A brightly colored crystal bottle would also be eye-catching by a window, where it can catch the light.

Do you prefer to use glass perfume bottles as home decor or for spritzing on your favorite perfumes? Let us know!

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