2 HDTVs that will bring your favorite shows to life


40" LCD bx450 HDTV, 1080 plasma tv

There are quite a few TV shows that a lot of us love to watch and keep track of. Watching it on a great HDTV would go some way into improving your viewing experience. Let us take a look at a couple of HDTV’s which would bring your TV shows to life.

For most of us the size of the HDTV does matter a lot and getting a large HDTV is what most people want. If you plan to get yourself a large one then going in for a plasma HDTV would be a great idea. Plasma TV’s are great when you are going in for a TV in excess of 50 inches. Among the plasma TV’s the LG PA6500 60 inch full HDTV happens to be one of the best ones around. This 60 inch HDTV will give you life-like picture quality to enhance your viewing experience considerably. This full HD capable 1080 plasma TV features a refresh rate of 600 Hz will completely eliminates motion blur giving you sharp clear images. This makes it perfect for watching sports or playing video games. This TV also has a slim design and is only about an inch in thickness. This is quite impressive for a plasma TV. The only feature which it could do with is the ability to display 3D content.

If you aren’t looking for a HDTV which is less than 46 inches then the 40″ LCD bx450 HDTV by Sony would be a great choice. This TV is great for those of you who have a space constraint. This 40 inch is also capable of displaying 1080p content. The four HDMI outputs that come along with this TV ensure that you can make this TV the center of your home theater system. The best feature of this Sony Bravia TV would be the Bravia sync feature. Thanks to this feature you can control all your Sony Bravia sync products with one single remote which makes things convenient. Lastly it also has a USB port through which you can play mp3’s and view photographs.

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  1. Riley M Says:

    I’m looking for an HDTV that I can put in the living room. I’d like to put a pretty big TV in there, so I’m definitely exploring my options. I think the LG TV you mentioned would be a fine choice. I’ll have to see if the room is dark enough to have the plasma. I know that whatever I choose is going to make the free HD channels I have from Dish look great. To help me choose what brand to get, I’ve been asking a few co-workers at Dish which TVs they’ve had a better time with, and it seems that Samsung is that TV. I’m definitely looking forward to football season too!

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