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safety harness for dogs, dog seat cover

Our family vacations are never complete without our pets. However, I always ensure that our little darling is safe during those long trips. Along with comfort, it is essential that you take care of your pet’s safety too. Sudden breaks, jerks and even accidents pose a serious threat. Your pet can fall of the seat and hurt itself.

As a rule of thumb, always use a safety harness for dogs, no matter how short the trip is. I use it whenever my dog sits in the car. Your pet may be an angel and sit quietly in the car, yet a safety harness ensures that you are protecting him/ her from any kind of mishaps. The harness attaches a fully-padded safety vest to the seat belt with heavy duty straps and full metal connectors.

You can use this safety leash with confidence as it is rated for strength. It also absorbs the shock of a sudden stop. On the whole, installation is easy and you can always adjust the leash with your seat belt, depending on the range of motion. It is a more humane approach as compared to locking your pet into an uncomfortable position for the duration of the ride.

Dog seat coverAlso, if you are worried about your dog littering in the car, especially when you know stops are going to be very few, opt for a dog seat cover. This DG DLX pet travel hammock is definitely the Cadillac of rear seat covers. It will make your pooch as happy as a retriever in water, even as your car remains in prim and proper condition.

Though similar to the back seat cover, it has a unique design that prevents your pet from falling off. The cover is waterproof and machine washable, making it low maintenance too! Apart from being affordable, it also has a reversible cover that is very useful during long trips.

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