A Sony HDMI TV to expand your entertainment center


Sony HDMI television, flat screen bracket

Home entertainment centers are getting quite popular these days. Watching your favorite movies or playing your favorite games via your consoles on your large screen TV is the luxury every one of us craves for. Let us take a look at a good Sony HDMI TV which can be the perfect center to your home entertainment center.

The Sony Bravia series of HDTVs are one of the best HDTV’s for a home entertainment center. Among their impressive line of HDTV’s the KDL55HX750 55 inch Sony HDMI television happens to be just about perfect. This 55 inch LED based HDTV has some of the best features that make it a perfect to build you home entertainment center around. This HDTV comes with a 480 Hz refresh rate which virtually eliminates motion blur. This makes this TV great for viewing sports and playing your favorite console games. This TV also comes with built in WI-FI which allows you to connect to the internet. This TV also features Skype with which you can have video chats with your friends. The camera however is sold separately.

One of the biggest advantages with this Sony Bravia television is the Bravia sync feature. This feature allows you to sync up select Sony accessories such as a sound system or Blu-Ray player. This allows you to control all the devices synced with one single remote control. The presence of 4 HDMI connections allows you to connect all your favorite Sony media devices without any hassle. This way you won’t have 3 or four remotes lying around cluttering up the place.   Apart from that this TV also has the ability to display 3D content in full 1080p glory. Watching Avatar on this TV would bring Pandora to your living room. The up scaling of videos is quite good considering and is quite noticeable when you connect your PSP to it. This TV is internally well designed to be efficient and thereby it consumes less power. The unique slim exterior design allows you to wall mount this TV quite easily. All you need is a good reliable flat screen bracket and you can place this TV on the wall for optimum viewing pleasure. Overall this is a great TV to build your entertainment center.

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