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Portable electronics are quite essential in today’s world. A lot of us carry quite a few of them at all times. The only issue with portable electronics would be the fact that you have to keep charging them. This could become a problem if you have too many devices as carrying their chargers does get a little difficult at times.

In addition to carrying a lot of chargers most portable gadgets take a long time to charge. Most phones, mp3 players and tablets take about 3 to 4 hours to get to full charge. This can get inconvenient at times, especially when you are travelling. This problem can be solved by using a rapid charger. Rapid chargers basically charge up your Ni-MH based rechargeable batteries in considerably less time. In some cases they reduce the time taken to charge by 50%. The Standard Horizon radio rapid leave on charger will power up any Ni-MH based gadget in less than 2 hours without any issues. All you need to do here is to connect your gadget’s charger to this device and charge your battery via the Standard Horizon rapid charger. In most cases it will charge your battery in about 1 and half hours.

Another device which will keep your portable gadgets powered on would be a portable power bank. This device is basically a portable power source. It will provide your portable device up to 7 to 8 additional hours of charge time depending on the device. The Enercell 2400mAh portable power bank is perfect when it comes to charging phones and mp3 players. This device comes with a USB-to-mini USB cable, mini USB-to-micro USB tip and an Apple 30 pin cable. This makes sure that most devices are powered up. The best part about this device would be the fact that it is portable and easy to carry around. For Apple devices such as iPods and iPhones the 30 pin dock connector clips on quite conveniently. It provides double the amount of power that the iPhone or iPod already has which means double the charge life. This device will ensure that you never run out of charge on the go.

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