Introduce your dog to a pet friendly step ramp


step ramp pet, furniture protectorsIf you enjoy cuddling on your bed with your furry little friend but worry about the excess amounts of hair being left behind, consider a pet furniture protector. Pet furniture protectors collect animal fur and will leave your furniture looking good as new. But what happens when your pets become too old to reach your bed, couch, or other areas they normally love?

As pet owners we know that pet ramps can be a pet’s best friend! When dogs grow older, it becomes much more difficult for them to get on their favorite couches or even access your comfy bed.  Known for its easy access for harder-to-reach areas, ramps for steps will grant your dog more ease with each transition. With dogs, it’s important to remember that unlike humans, dogs are horizontal to the ground which means they exert more pressure into all areas of their body compared to humans. Pet ramps are extremely beneficial to dogs, providing an efficient means in reducing the amount of pressure applied to their joints.

Pet ramps are highly recommended by pet owners due to its built-in steps which are sturdy and wide. This assures your dog stability when accessing certain areas all the while reducing stress and anxiety on your dog’s muscles and joints when used. As a result, they’ll be much more willing to use it. In most cases, dogs will instinctively know how to use their pet ramp. The steps fold down to form a 30 degree ramp that allows your dog to ascend and descend safely. Most steps are lined with a non-slip carpet that’s soft for your dog’s paws but yet offers sturdy footing.

Depending on which type you choose, you can take your pet ramp wherever you go. Some ramps are designed with a foldable unit that will easily fit in your car. They also weigh less than a bag of dog food so they are easy to load. Where your dog goes, your pet ramp can go as well. In the long run, ramps for steps will save you the cost of medical treatment required for joint discomfort.

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