The Resplendent Heir

The Resplendent Heir

This is the tale which recalls details of mine life that became rather rotated in a transverse manor and inverted. Prey spare a moment and I shall inform you of how I rose to aristocratic prominence in the hamlet known as Belle-air. I was sired and reared in the westerly sector of Philadelphia, where to I spent many a time upon the recreational grounds, leisurely participating in a game of ball and basket, adjacent to mine learning institution. It was upon one of these occasions that a few gentlemen, of deplorable intent, began creating difficulty in mine district. I participated in a single occurrence of fisticuffs for which mine mother became overtaken by fright and caused her to declare my relocation forth with to mine kin’s manor, which resides in the aforementioned hamlet. I let forth a screech in a high pitched manor for the purpose of soliciting a stagecoach. When one arrived, I took it upon mine self to peer over its designation tag, which declared it to be resplendent, as well as its decorative use of chance cubes. The summation of these details gave me the opinion to declare this a most uncommon coach, but putting aside this notion, I urged my fellow countryman to go forth to Bel-air. The carriage approached the manor at the hour of seven, or rather eight, of the clock and I departed the coachman with familiar comments pertaining to his aroma. At last arriving, I assessed my realm, anticipating the settlement into mine seat as this territories prince.


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    Sun King 4 Life!

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