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Car audio systems have been making a comeback recently and with countless car audio brands out there, it is tough to distinguish brands unless you are experienced with car stereo systems. When figuring out the best audio system for your car, there are three big aspects you should consider: the design, the installation specifications, and the pricing. Luckily for you, not all car audio brands are created equal.


As one of the leaders of the car audio industry, Alpine has been synonymous with high quality after-market car audio since the company’s inception. With Alpine you can get a near top of the line system for around $750, allowing you to buy one of the best systems on the market for an affordable price. Alpine products are easy to install with most of the stereo installation kits out there and are designed to fit any car brand. Alpine is also known for being one of the first audio systems to create an in-car interface for digital media, making it a top choice for anyone who solely listens to digital music in their cars.

JL Audio

JL Audio is known for its innovations and breakthroughs in subwoofer design and performance. With its numerous patents, many of JL Audio’s innovations cannot be duplicated, giving them an edge in the industry. If you are looking to pick up a system that will give you the trunk rattling bass with incredible range, JL Audio is for you. For subwoofers, they also offer a 12in subwoofer enclosure that allows you to install your subwoofers seamlessly, giving you that professional look.


Pioneer has a couple of specific strengths, with their strong core-features set being the best part of their products. Whether it is DVD playback, GPS navigation, hands-free phone services, or digital media, Pioneer does a fantastic job integrating all of these features to make a truly excellent car stereo. Their user-interface is easy to use and is a great buy for every car audio lover alike.

When it comes to car audio systems, price is a great indicator of the quality of the system, but staying with these three trusted brands is an excellent starting point for anyone new to the industry.

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