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osiris shoes for men, dc shoes for men

Skateboard shoes, or skate shoes, are some of the most popular styles of shoes on the market. Used both for functionality and fashion, skate shoes are extremely popular among Generation X, making them a consistent best seller for years. With countless skate shoe brands on the market, picking out the right pair is not as simple as it seems, so here is a breakdown of three of the most popular skate shoe brands you will find.


Osiris skate shoes are best known for their puffy-style, making them one of the most distinguishable skate shoe brands. Built to last, these light weight shoes are perfect for any aspiring skateboarder and with a huge selection of models, it is easy to find the right color and style. Outside their popular puffy-style skate shoes, Osiris has recently made an effort to provide a Vans-style shoe as well, doing after with the extra material. Outside of the typical Osiris shoes for men, they also made women’s models, highlighted by their NYC 83 Mid’s.


DC shoes are worn by some of the most famous skaters in the industry, including stars such as Rob Dyrdek and rising star Nyjah Huston. Now a multifaceted extreme sports apparel company, DC is best known for their original product: their skate shoes. With footwear that ranges from skate shoes to cross-trainers and slippers to sandals, DC has become a one-stop-shop of sorts for all your footwear needs. Despite that, their skate shoes continue to be on the cutting-edge of the skating world, providing an affordable alternative to other more expensive brands. DC shoes for men continue to lead the way in the skateboarding world and will in all likelihood remain near the top for years to come.

Nike SB

Surprisingly, Nike SB’s are one of the most popular skateboarding shoes in the country. Known for their high quality Nike design, the Nike SB comes in over 70 colors, making it an easy to find a pair to match any of your outfits. As the most powerful footwear manufacturer in the world, it is no surprise that once Nike decided to venture into the skateboarding world that they were able to make a high quality, well-liked shoe.

Written by Ruby Lancer

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