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mens ecko hooded pullover with shawl button, pima cotton crewneck mens

Innovating a classic like the men’s sweatshirt is no easy task. Having been around for generations, the sweatshirt has served as an essential part of a man’s wardrobe, providing a simple solution to many clothing queries. It is no surprise that there are numerous varieties and adaptations of the common sweatshirt, as the popularity of sweatshirts is unquestioned in American society. Innovating such a popular item is no easy task, so check out these imaginative innovations of the classic sweatshirt.

Shawl-collar hoodie

The hoodie as been a staple of men’s casual wear since its popularization in the 70’s. Today it has evolved into a symbol of informal and comfortable dress and is widely seen as an article of clothing that is not acceptable in for formal arenas. Enter the shawl-collar hoodie. This modern take on a classic style transcends the hoodies’ casual perception and provides you with a stylish and clean-cut look. Items like the men’s Ecko hooded pullover with shawl button are perfect for those would love the comfort and utility of the hoodie but desire a more contemporary look.

Techno Hoodie

What is the Techno Hoodie? It’s just like your basic hoodie sweatshirt but with one spectacular innovation: built-in headphones! That’s right, you no longer have to awkwardly feather your headphones through your jacket because with this new innovation, if you need some headphones you can just throw on a sweatshirt. The headphones are integrated into the hood of the sweatshirt, giving you a convenient audio jacket in the front pocket so you can plug in your favorite music player. The hoodie is fully-washable and can be found at retailers around the country. So stop trying to untangle your headphones or feed them through your pima cotton men’s crewneck and don this fantastic innovation.

As the popularity of sweatshirts continues to grow from its meteoric boom in the 90’s, one thing is sure: designers will continue to innovate and improve the classic sweatshirt. The only question that remains is what the next great generation of sweatshirts will have in store.

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