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trundle bed, daybed cover

A trundle bed is one of the most sensible ideas to save space. It is a perfect furniture piece for when guests come over, especially when you don’t have a separate guest room or have a very small one. Just pull out the extra bed and accommodate your guests. Often the lower bed on some of these trundles may have an arise feature to bring the lower bed to the same height as its twin stored beneath. So, you get a regular-height bed.

These beds are also great for children since one child can sleep on the bottom bed and the other on top. This way your children can use that extra space for playing around. Even if you are the parent of an only child, these beds are a savior for sleepovers so you don’t have to store extra mattresses.

These are not as common as bunkbeds because one doesn’t get the benefit of box-spring since one bed is stored beneath the other. But then this ‘pop-up’ helps you get all that extra room, which a twin bed will not. However, you can remove the mattress from the lower bed, when not in use, and use it as a storage drawer.

The trundle beds can be doubled as daybeds and sure make great ones. But if you want to go all out and get a daybed you can do that too. Just make sure to get a daybed cover so it doesn’t look like an actual bed per say, and is more like a nice piece of furniture.

A daybed cover is also a simple way to add to the ambience of the room. Throw in some cushions and pillows to create a relaxing daybed and use it for the extra bed at night. This way you can use the trundle bed to the maximum.

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