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The right eyewear can enhance your facial features and overall personality. Perfect eyewear is something that suits the shape of your face. Take a look at some do’s and don’ts for selecting the right eyewear:

1. It can get confusing when you read too much about facial shapes. There are pyramid, diamond and triangular shapes. Then you have the oval, square, rectangle, round or heart-shaped faces that are easier to identify. Identify your face shape accordingly.

2. An oval shaped face is very easy to kit out with eyewear. Almost any shape and design suits the oval shape. An oval face generally has a slightly narrower face than the forehead. This can balance out the proportions neatly to suit any design. Go for quality eyewear like Valentino eyeglasses 5444 or the Valentino Raw Sienna eyeglasses.  They’re a lovely blend of sophisticated elegance and style.

3. In a square face, you get a well-defined jaw line and forehead that are almost equal in proportion. Rimless round eyeglasses are a good option. Glasses with temples that are center set look good. Narrow frames that have slightly rounded edges or a wider width can lengthen your facial shape and soften the jaw line.

4. Go for square shaped eyewear if your face is rectangular or narrow shaped. Rectangular frames with decorative temple designs are also a good idea. Designs on the corner of the frame can add width to a narrow face and make your face appear shorter to balance it out.

valentino eyeglasses 54445. Round eyeglasses in lighter colors balance and soften a wide forehead and are perfect for a heart-shaped face. Butterfly shaped frames are also a good choice for balancing a heart-shaped face where the chin is narrow.

6. Angular frames suit a round face best. They help add definition with sharper angles to a round face. Try geometric shapes to balance out your facial features. A horizontal frame can make your face look thinner and longer.

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