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white lounge chair, clay in motion large coffee mugs

I love lounging around with my friends on weekends. And one of the perfect furnishing pieces to make the occasion more relaxing and fun are lounge chairs. You can slouch in them and talk for hours over a drink on these comfortable chairs. These functional and classic chairs add to the decorative aspect of your home too.

You can pick from a variety of shapes and sizes according to the ambience of the room. For instance, if you have opted for a neutral colored them of black and grey then white lounge chairs would help you break the monotony. Not only is white an elegant color, it also adds to the contemporary feel and look.

Red is another color that goes well with this theme and gives that much needed vibrant touch to neutral themes. Though a lot of people love to experiment with colors like aqua, fuchsia, turquoise, etc., I prefer sticking to blacks and whites. These versatile colors have this modern art feel, but can be placed in other sections of the house too.

Two of my favorites are:

Spyder lounge chair

The sophisticated design of the contemporary lounge chair is great for living room or dining room. It works well as an accent piece with its chrome finish. And you can opt for either white or black PU upholstery for it.

clay in motion large coffee mugs

Tequila red-white-black lounge chair

The fusion of three colors in this elegantly rounded shell on a rounded chrome pedestal is a luxurious retro-classic. The chair features a comfortable seat crafted from high-quality fiberglass with a foxy magenta-red finish and a functional rotary base. Designed in fashionable gray and black textile-leather for maximum appeal, the Tequila Lounge Chair is perfect for almost any surrounding.

So opt for these classy lounge chairs to spruce up your bashes and get-togethers. Serve your drinks in functional and decorative clay in motion large coffee mugs or fancy glasses.

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