Getting geared up for football practice


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Are you ready for football practice?  There is nothing quite like sprints, lifting weights, and tackling drills in the sweltering heat right in the middle of summer.

But, before the madness begins, you want to get all your football gear together.  There are some essentials that every football player needs before hitting the field for practice.  Read on to find out just what those are.

Football Cleats

There is no way you will have the traction to sprint properly or the grip to stand your ground if you do not have the proper football cleats.  For those who have really big feet, you may want to look into wearing a pair of extra wide football cleats.

Shoulder Pads

Shoulder pads protect not only your shoulders but your chest and rib cage as well.  Yours need to fit your shoulders snugly and be secured so they don’t move around while you play.

Football Gloves

Football gloves are a tremendous help for gripping the ball.  Wide receivers and tight ends swear by their football gloves.  Products like Nike Boom football gloves can be used at just about every position – other than quarterback – to keep the elements from making your hands tense or slippery.

Athletic Supporter

You definitely need an athletic supporter and a cup.  I don’t think that any guys reading this are in need of extra emphasis on this point.

More Pads

There are pads to protect your knees, thighs, elbows, and even your neck.  Football is a rough game and you can never be too careful about your body.

Football Helmet

A football player’s trademark is his helmet.  In contact football leagues, you are not allowed to step foot on the field without your helmet on.  This is completely justified and the importance of football helmets cannot be overstressed.

Once you have the essential gear on, you are ready to get out there and tackle the world – literally.

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