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A Double baby stroller is an extremely important baby gear particularly when you have to go around with your new born and a toddler or, perhaps twins at the same time. It is rather difficult to move around with smaller babies without having the right kind of transportation system.

Double baby strollers come in different styles and you can have the one that suits you the most. One is called the tandem style and the other, duo stroller. While a tandem has its seats placed in such a way that places two young ones front-to-back. A tandem stroller has its sitting down design as stadium seating. The child at the rear seat also gets the view like the child seated in the front seat. Such 2 seat strollers are suitable for children of different age groups. This is because the child at back seat is in a leaned back position. This also provides sufficient leg room for the child in the front seat. These double strollers are easy to maneuver in crowded places and also can be easily accommodated onto the car seat and easy to close too.

On the other hand, there are other push chairs with their seats are located side by side. This kind of stroller is a treat to both the babies since they can sit next to each other.  Such strollers serve up to help parents attend to both the babies at the same time and babies too have adequate access to the stroller. The strollers with side to side seating are best suited for matching babies, twins or for babies of equal weight.

There are certain well known and reputed brands to offer you strollers that are comfortable, safe and good looking. One of such brands on which you can rely on is Maclaren strollers. Whether you want twin strollers or a stroller for a single child, you can rest be assured that you have one of the best baby products with you.

So, get a twin stroller and let your babies enjoy the best of both the worlds. Happy strolling!

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