Flattering sweater styles for spring


3x women's cotton sweater in navy, 3/4 length floral cardigan

While spring is in full swing, you might still be on the lookout for sweaters to wear, whether it’s still chilly in your neck of the woods, you might want a little more coverage over a tank or short-sleeved shirt, or you might like having an extra layer to coordinate with the rest of your outfit.  Here are our picks for ultra-flattering sweaters to keep an eye out for:

For just about any body type: 3/4 length floral cardigan

A floral pattern for spring isn’t by any means groundbreaking, but not everything you wear has to be. This classic spring print is great for feminine, flirty outfits. 3/4-length sleeves are especially versatile and perfect for spring weather, when it’s warming up but not quite hot enough to go sleeveless or cold enough to wear full-length sleeves. If you have some excess flab and consider your upper arms a problem area, this cut is especially flattering. Since the sleeves cut off just above the wrist, you can pair your 3/4 length floral cardigan with your favorite pieces of arm candy! Throw on some dark denim skinnies and a pair of flats, and you’ll have a go-to look for whenever you want to keep it casual but look polished at the same time.

For plus size women: 3x women’s cotton sweater in navy

If you’re full-figured, you know how much of a challenge it can be to find flattering sweaters for your body type. While you’ll constantly hear people preach on how slimming black is, you can’t fall into the monotonous rut of wearing black on the daily. For an alternative to black that is just as slimming, try wearing a navy sweater instead, such as a 3x women’s cotton sweater in navy. Navy is a fantastic neutral color and the perfect complement to this season’s popular nautical accessories. Try pairing your navy sweater with a sailor knot headband or earrings with an anchor design for an adorable look!

What would you wear with a 3/4 length floral cardigan or navy sweater?

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Written by Lizzy Jude

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