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4ghz desktop pc, 80gb hard drives

Desktop computers may be on the low with the rise of notebooks, but they still perform considerably better than them. The biggest advantage that desktops have over laptops is the scope of customization they have. You detail to which you can personalize your desktop is what makes it great.

One of the main components while building or upgrading your desktop computer the CPU or the processor. The processor of your computer is the main component responsible for its performance. The better the processor the better it is for your computer. Among the processors available the ones from Intel are currently the best. The Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 processors are currently the best ones around. They not only perform extremely well but also consume very less energy. The latest 3rd generation Core i7 processors from Intel that are code named Ivy bridge are the best performing desktop processors around. The i7-3770T is currently the fastest desktop processors around. This processor runs at about 2.5 GHz while idling and about 3.7 GHz when it senses the need. A few top end desktop manufacturers offer over clocked versions of this processor running at 4 GHz. These 4 GHz desktop PC’s will offer you the best desktop experience you can have.

The hard drive of your desktop is another component which has a major effect on its performance. A lot of people don’t realize that getting a good hard drive will also speed things up for your desktop. Among the hard drives currently available Solid State drives (SSDs) are the fastest ones around. With an SSD your computer will take about 5 seconds to boot. Programs will open and file transfers will be extremely fast. The only drawback with an SSD is that it comes in small capacities and are expensive. The maximum size of an SSD you will find will be less than about 240 GB. The high capacity SSD’s at 160 GB are quite expensive as well. You could always get an external hard drive for storage and keep the internal hard drive just for your operating system. SSD’s might not be a great improvement over your old 80 GB drives in terms of storage, but performance wise they are miles ahead.

So get yourself these components and get the best out of your desktop PC.

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