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aluminum folding table, portable round table

If you’re short on space at home and want to make the most out of what little square footage you have, a good rule of thumb is to always choose furniture that does double or triple duty whenever possible. This trick is especially handy when you’re shopping for tables: To get the most bang for your buck, look for tables that you can use for different purposes and in different rooms throughout the day. Here are a couple of useful table options you can try adding to your home:

For a durable, low-maintenance option: a portable round table

Look for a portable round table made of plastic for easy, fuss-free upkeep.  Plastic tables are lightweight yet durable.  These will do the trick for just about any occasion: You can use one while hosting parties, working on arts and crafts projects, playing card games with friends, or dining alfresco in your backyard. You can look for one that folds up so you can hide it away when it’s not in use. If you’re short on storage space, you don’t even have to put it away the rest of the time: Just dress it up with a beautiful table cloth, place mats and silverware and have it double as your everyday dining table.

For sleek style: an aluminum folding table

If a portable plastic table is a little too casual for your taste and you can’t be bothered with using a table cloth, try using an aluminum folding table instead. An aluminum table has a sleek, polished look that allows it to hold its own so you won’t have to worry about using a table cloth. These are simple and elegant and will be sure to add charming retro style to your home. Like plastic tables, these are great multipurpose additions that you’ll want to use throughout your home – luckily, the neutral tone of aluminum makes this easy.

What are some other ways you would use a portable table?

Written by Lizzy Jude

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