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It is not like I am living in a luxurious home which has a central air conditioner. I have got only one AC window unit that is located in my bedroom. I limit my usage of the AC to when I am just about to melt entirely in my mattress. However those days are rare. For the rest of the year and warmer months I am all about attic fans.

I have installed attic fans in three of the rooms in my house. They are the ideal way to circulate air and cool things around in the room. It pulls in the sweet nighttime air when I am just about to go to sleep. Sometimes I wonder if I am better off putting on the AC and sleeping in the Arctic bliss? However the advantages of attic fan convinces me totally of the usage of the fans. Some of them include the following:

  • Reduction of humidity: A fan on the attic is the ideal bet if you want to avoid unnecessary and excess humidity in your house. The methodology is that it routes the hot air in the upward direction and out of the home.
  • Energy efficiency: It is the key if you want to maintain an energy efficient home. Did you know that the AC unit will need to work harder in order to cool your house?
  • Cost savings: One of the biggest initiatives of having an attic fan is that it helps in reducing your energy bills to a minimum in the summer months
  • Ventilation: The hallway ceiling fixtures hold similar fans like the attic fans. It helps in keeping any kind of unwanted gas out of the house extremely quickly. This is extremely useful in winter especially because the windows are closed at most times.

Personally I feel that if I keep my personal fans going on and eating ice pops, I know I will survive any urban summer night with tremendous ease. Try it out!

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