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Be @ Home’s Best of the Web is back! May is ending and June is here. Summer is just around the corner. Kids are starting summer vacation and the weather is getting warmer. Let’s dive into this weeks features because we’ve got some good ones!

Just Us Four

Just Us Four blog

“Just Us Four was started as a way to keep family members in the loop on what was going on in our crazy household!  Over the past year, it has grown into so much more.  We’re currently finishing the basement as a major DIY project while continuing to make the upper floors into our home with decorating, crafts and lots of other DIY projects.  Stuck in the middle of all that is a bunch of family time, cooking and friebor (neighbors + friends) events.” – Shannah.

Kitchen Tested

Kitchen tested blog

“Kitchen Tested is a food blog all about cooking original, experimental and adventurous recipes and making them accessible for your own kitchen. I want to test the limits of your kitchen and your imagination!” – Melinda.

According to Matt…

According to Matt blog

“According to Matt…is our sunny space, full of color!! The blog is shared between myself (Matt) and my partner in crime (Dennis), it’s a definite outlet for all of our crafty chaos! We talk about crochet, knitting and sewing, to name a few! But above all, out blog is full of all things creative. We’d love it if you popped by for a visit and a natter!” – Matt.

Notes from Judie’s Kitchen

Notes from Judie's Kitchen taken by Steve Pool

“I have always loved to eat and, for as long as I can remember, I have also loved to cook. Beyond these two very comforting pastimes, I have also loved to talk about food, mainly with friends and family sitting around the table. I have wanted to know the hows and whys, the history and folklore, the sources and the creators. It is these enthusiasms all coming together that have allowed me the pleasure of a wonderfully nourishing career. And now here I am, many years older, still loving what I do, just wanting a new way to do it.” – Judie.

In The Yellow House

In the yellow house blog

“In The Yellow House was built upon a desire to document the daily happenings of our family of six. This look at the day-to-day and makes our lives so remarkable; fabulous meals, special days, and great ideas frozen in time.  As our children have grown it’s become an invaluable chronicle of memories and stories. I love to share our passion for food and efforts toward a sustainable suburban life complete with honey bees and chickens. For my family I document the beautiful, if pedestrian, life that is ours in the yellow house.” – Jennifer.

Okio B Designs

Okio B Designs blog

“ features inexpensive DIY crafty projects.  Using items most often found at garage sales, thrift and dollar stores, and consignment shops, OkioBDesigns highlights the works of Jeanine Boiko, who is a small business owner by day and a crafter by night.” – Jeanine.

Jane’s Adventures in Dinner

Jane's Adventures in Dinner blog

“So Who Am I?  So far I’ve figured I’m a: mom, wife, sister, daughter, teacher, reader, cook, enthusiastic environmentalist, recovering overspender, proud Canadia. I began writing my blog to simply chronicle the food I was producing during my maternity leave.  Oh!  And to have an outlet to write and a distraction from: diaper rash, lack of sleep, thoughts of  “How am I qualified to raise a real live person (and keep them relatively intact)?” Now that I am truly used to zero sleep, diaper rashes are the norm instead of alarming, I work full time and now have a multi-generational household. This site is dedicated to my journey to enjoying the life that I’ve been lucky enough to be given.” – Jane.


Ali-Babka blog

“Keeping Kosher in a Non-Kosher culinary school?!  Yes I did! One of the things that makes me different than most of the other students in culinary school is that I am an Observant Jew and keep the laws of Kashrut.   Graduating from ICE is proof that observant Jews can do whatever they are passionate and still strictly uphold Rabbinic Law.  Keeping kosher in the culinary world has pushed me to be extremely creative by substituting ingredients and coming up with new takes on classic dishes.  I hope that this blog inspires people of all different religious and cultural backgrounds to pursue their dreams and know that they never have to compromise their own belief system to do what they love.  I love sharing my ideas, thoughts, recipes, and experiences about cooking. I believe that anyone can cook with a little direction, the right tools, and a whole lot of patience.” – Alison.

Monaco Interiors

Monaco Interiors blog

“Monaco Interiors is an interior design lifestyle blog run by editor Sarah Matthews with regular features ‘Saturday in the Kitchen’ and the new ‘Gotta Have These,’ which features items from around the Web to help the reader find deals and ideas for decorating their home.  Featuring inspiration, some personal photos, home projects, new design trends as well as decorating tips, Monaco Interiors also offers interior design services over the Web with VirtualDecor.”  - Sarah.

What a great week of features! Thank you to all our featured guests this week. With the months getting warmer and warmer it means only one thing. Summer is just around the corner! I’ve already started cleaning up my backyard, in fact I got some home depot storage sheds to make the backyard appear tidy. I wouldn’t recommend looking in the storage shed though… you might get lost in there. My backyard looks fantastic though! Until next week fellow Best of the Weber’s, stay classy!

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