Best of the Web no. 63


Greetings dear readers and welcome to an exciting packed edition of our Best of the Web, brought to you by the PocketChange Lifestyle Blog. Every week we look into the deep corners of the internet in search of gems to share with you, and this week we’ve got an absolutely packed featured edition. Without giving anything away, we’re featuring everything from artists and literary critics to crafty moms and world class chefs. Bon Apetit!



Seriously Soupy

seriously soupy

“Seriously Soupy started as a weekly blog where I created one soup every week and wrote about it. I started it as a creative outlet for myself after my first daughter was born, which combined my passion for cooking with an interest in learning more about soups and soup making. Since it started I have given soup tours and taught soup classes and now have a catalogue of over 100 soups on the site! Join me on my on-going Soupy journey at”

Candy Gurus

candy gurus

“Jonny and Matty are middle aged dads (we’re not kids and we aint chicks) with a love of sweets, particularly gummies & sours. Our mission is to review candies honestly, occasionally revealing seriously underrated and hard to find treats. Our reviews are always fair, always true and always filled with ascerbic wit.”

Scrap With Stacy

scrap with stacy

“The Scrap with Stacy blog follows my journey in paper crafting.  You will find everything thing from cards and scrapbook layouts to repurposed items and instructional tutorials.  There is a pinch of snark and a large sprinkling of my day to day life thrown in to help flavor the pot.  As a stay at home mother of five,  I am always looking to carve out a little bit of time each day to be creative.  Scrapbooking allows me to do that while also helping to preserve our family history.”

My Honeysuckle Blog


“My Honeysuckle Blog is Dzung’s personal creative outlet for her long-loved passions of cooking and fashion. She has special features like her weekly Youtube cooking show, where she’ll teach you how to make delectable desserts like creme brulee, banana cheesecake, and fantastic dinner meals like garlic noodles and Southern gumbo. She hopes that by sharing her favorite recipes and making them approachable, it will inspire you to give them a try too! You’ll also find out how she approaches fashion, assembles outfits, and purchases new items with her sharp eye for a deal. Most of all, she is a gracious blog host, happy to share tips and secrets with all who stop by!”

Sweetie Petitti

sweet petitti

“My blog is essentially a food blog.  Every memory from my childhood to present involves food, and I incorporate those stories into my recipes and posts.  I am passionate about my family and they play a very significant role in my blogging.  I am an award-winning sewing instructor, and crafting and sewing frequently appear on my pages.  I also decorate sugar cookies, sort of a hobby that has taken off, so I devote a few pages strictly to those.”

Swallowcliff’s Art


“My blog was started as a place to showcase my art and my art activities. You will see drawings, collages, journaling, assemblages, and other srt activities that occur in my rural (I call it the boonies) setting.  Love to have you visit!”

The Book Cellar

book cellar

“I’m Erica and I run the blog, The Book Cellar which is a book blog where I post book reviews, author interviews, giveaways, and other musings on books. I focus primarily on young adult books, but I also dabble with romance, fantasy, middle grade, and a few other genres. I love books and love being able to share my thoughts with readers who are just as crazy about books as I am.”

A Little Slice of Special

slice of special

“Hi There! I’m Lori and I blog over at A Little Slice of Special, my little space where I share my personal style, playing with makeup, and generally geeking out over things that I find fabulous.  I’m in the midst of my own No New 2012 (Yay Thrifting!) and since January I’ve lost 30 lbs, and I write about this in my Healthy Life posts!  Basically my blog is about becoming a better me and sharing in the ups and downs with anyone willing to read and be a part of my world!  XO Lori”

Repeat Possessions


“The Repeat Po blog is a place where we dive into anything that catches our fancy. It is a little bit of everything from our diverse crew of authors.

We cover everything from spotlighting our newest items, hot new trends, celebrity gossip, fun DIY projects, beauty tips, or even just explaining what the heck a meme is.

Whatever the topic, we enjoy keeping the conversation open with our faithful community of “Repeat Customers.” It’s a place to smile, laugh and lust over!”

Lillie’s Blog

Lillie's Blog

“My blog is a place where I document my life as a full-time mother of three and a part-time photographer.  I write about… my life! … which ends up including experiences raising kids, photography, decorating and home projects, food…. and whatever else I’m inspired to share!”

Enjoying the Journey

Enjoying the Journey blog

“Enjoying the Journey, Fun experiments, and hands-on fun everyday. At Enjoying the Journey we share fun science experiments, activities, and DIY crafts for you to do with your little ones.  We hope to inspire others to play right along with there children.  We love hands-on sensory fun,  cooking together, and making our own paints, play doughs, and silly putty.  Find something fun to do with your kids today.”

Little Almanac 

Little Almanac blog

“As a woman, wife, and mother I have come to find that life is pretty rewarding if you take the time to stop and count your blessings large and small. On my blog, Little Almanac, it is my aim to detail the reality of my family and personal life through written expression, photography, and film. I know life isn’t always grand, but again for the most part it is. I suppose the main purpose of my blog is to leave a legacy of joy behind for my posterity and offer hope and optimism for those who might pass by our way as readers.”

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Written by Russel Hawthorne

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