Best of the Web no. 66


We’ve got a whopper of a Best of the Web to share with you all today, featuring everything from artists and chefs to authors and knitters, sewers and crafters. We’ve searched the far reaches of this wonderful place we call the internet to bring you the very best morsels, collected here for your enjoyment – so what are you waiting for? Let’s get to it!

Rawfully Tempting 

rawfully tempting

“Barbara Shevkun is the creative force behind Rawfully Tempting products and her Raw Vegan Recipe Blog: She has a knack for creating and writing recipes in an easy to follow format, complimented by mouth-watering photos. While RT’s recipes and products are all “decadent, delicious and nutritious,” they are also plant-based, dairy free, wheat free, gluten free, and because they are never cooked, the valuable nutrients and enzymes are still in tact. As you enjoy these treats, know that you are nourishing your body with nutrient dense delights.

Check out the Rawfully Tempting online cafe where you’ll find an amazing line of healthy snacks that explode with flavor. Treat yourself to the experience of LIVING FOOD at Barbara is also available for demos, hands- on workshops and private coaching. Please see her SERVICES section of this site for more information.”

Pen & Prosper

tn--nikola pencils

“Pen and Prosper Blog is an online “water cooler” where “beautiful minds” gather to discuss everything from the creative life, to abstract concepts, to the virtues of reality TV. Its motto is “Know more. Grow more.”

Originally created in 2009, by relationship columnist, Jennifer Brown Banks, for writers and bloggers, it has blossomed into a welcoming (lively) community for writers, readers, your “garden variety” cool people, and thought leaders.”

Small Town Mommy

small town mommy

“Small Town Mommy gives readers a glimpse into living and loving in a Small Town.  Sometimes humorous, sometimes touching, always crazy, Small Town Mommy never ceases to entertain.  Mondays feature Meow Monday with Oreo, the star of the Small Town.  Readers love to see what Oreo is up to around town.”



“Hi! I’m Gretchen; I’m the “g” in gscrapbooks and my blog is called My Scrappiness and Other Simple Everyday Ramblings. I am a scrapbooker, cardmaker, and paper crafter, and my blog showcases all three of my passions. I take way to many pictures, cut into pretty papers, get my fingers inky, make fun interactive cards, and ramble a bit and I share it all on my blog. You’ll find projects, tutorials, and lots of creativity!”

Kitchen Vignettes

kitchen vignettes

“Kitchen Vignettes by Aubergine is a video food blog that celebrates the love of cooking. Every food has its own story and in the short video vignettes, you’ll often catch glimpses of the gardens, soils and farms that grew the ingredients in the featured recipes. Kitchen Vignettes was recently awarded the 2012 Saveur Best Food Blog Award for best single video.”



“Naturesfinest is about parts of my life, it’s about the major parts of my life. Things that money can’t buy. It’s about the lessons I have learnt along the way, a journey of my own love story, friends, family, special meaningful holidays we all celebrate and the love of life itself. Photography and creative images are also a big part of my life as pictures can tell a thousand words, its not just how we view them, its just how we interpret them. Snippets of inspirational people, fashion, beauty and keeping healthy are also apart of me, which I share in my blog.”

The Mama Zone


“The MamaZone is all about great t.i.d.b.i.t.s. to make mom’s life easier. You’ll find product trials, clever ideas, unique discoveries, bargains, inspiration, technology reviews, and ways to save and earn. Visit every week for new tips to help you do all you do. I’m all about keeping you “in the zone” and having fun while you’re there.”

Apricot Bubbles


“Welcome to my blog! I started blogging in 2010 as a kind of a diary, but soon I met like-minded people and I enjoy the creative ride since then.

My first love was definitely photography and travelling, but soon I experienced lots of other creative possibilities like image editing, digital scrapbooking, paper crafting or making jewelry from pearls, beads and old vintage things …

I´m interested in so many things – at the moment calligraphy and book binding caught my attention…
Unfortunately there´s so little time for so many ideas! Or does anyone know where I can order a 48 hrs-day?!”



“My blog focuses on the adventure that is life – travel, marriage, health, recipes, photography, and a deep thought or two. I write from the heart and shoot from the hip. And try to impart a little wisdom along the way too. Enjoy!”

Pug in the Kitchen


“My blog is a place to discuss my passion for mindfulness: living, eating, growing, and playing.”



“The Backstitch blog is the blog for the online sewing shop Backstitch (, a U.K.-based company that strives to provide its customers with beautiful, top quality fabrics and interesting and exciting patterns from independent designers. The blog is a great place to catch up with all the shop news: new stock, sales, and new designs.  There are also posts documenting the sewing exploits of the owner, Alice.”

Suburbs Mama


“I am a young mom who blogs about her life.  I don’t hold myself back by giving my blog a specific theme; it’s not just a DIY blog or a mommy blog. It’s not just a beauty blog or a fashion blog. It’s all of those combined. I can talk about cloth diapers in one post and then on the next post talk about my new face regimen or a new recipe I tried. I consider all of my readers my friends with whom I would share a cup of tea. So grab your cup of tea and stay a little while.”

Patricia Anders


“Time is suspended during the act of creation; the past is irrelevant and the future is nowhere in sight. The hand, the brush, mindless contemplation, intuitive decision-making all become one with the canvas; it is magic to create something from nothing. I gave into my daily, burning desire about six years ago, deciding that being an artist would be my full-time job. I am passionate about living the art full life. More and more, this includes balance of activities, appreciation for nature, green living, home grown, and handmade. My blog, like my art and my life, is a work in progress, existing to tell the story and share the journey.”

Joy Thigpen


“To me, my blog is my form of self-expression. It’s a way to get creativity out of my head and into the world. Mostly, I display current work – inspiration boards, weddings I have styled, engagement sessions I have fashioned, upcoming projects, or whatever seems to be going on in my work world. But at times I like to add a bit about my personal life – the things that are most important to me, namely, my family. I like to mix raw with glamour, the natural, organic, and simple with high fashion and luxury. It’s an interesting combination but it works for me.”

Butterbean Row


“Butterbean Row is like walking down the road to a friend’s house. You will be welcomed at the door with a hug and a glass of lemonade or tea. It is so nice to see you! Come on in and sit awhile; put your feet up. Would you like to see some photos I did recently? And here is a project that I have been working on. What do you think?”

My Best Friend’s Blog


“My Best Friend’s Blog is a place where we can document our lives as best friends. We talk about everyday life and the ups and downs of being young single moms. You will also find a variety of DIY projects that we have created or projects from other bloggers who inspire us to get crafty. We wanted to make sure we capture every memory of our unique friendship, and My Best Friend’s Blog is the perfect place.”

Table for More


“My blog is centered around our life {typical, I know}. I blog about our kids {3 boys under 3}, marriage, paleo eating, being somewhat crafty, and my journey through motherhood! I am obsessed with my family, reality TV, eating organic, working out to become a MILF, cooking and baking, Frappes, traveling, and laughing! Check us out!”

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13 Responses to “Best of the Web no. 66”

  1. Karen Lange Says:

    I have to agree, Pen and Prosper is definitely one of the web’s best offerings! Thanks for the other links as well; will have to check them out!

  2. Jennifer Brown Banks Says:

    Thanks, Karen. You’re a woman of good taste. Always. :-)

  3. Victoria Says:

    Pen & Prosper is excellent – so glad to see it’s being recognized.

  4. Jennifer Brown Banks Says:

    Thanks, Victoria. I appreciate the “thumbs up” and your time! Be well.

  5. Jennifer Brown Banks Says:

    Much thanks, Victoria. I appreciate the “thumbs up”!

  6. Susan Sundwall Says:

    P & P Rocks and so does its creator.

  7. Jennifer Brown Banks Says:

    Thanks much, Susan. Right back at ya’! Smooches. :-)

  8. Marcie Says:

    You not only get a gathering of the minds on Pen & Prosper, you also get online and offline support for your projects.

  9. Jennifer Brown Banks Says:


    How cool! Thanks so much for your time and thoughtful comment.

  10. Yasmin Says:

    So glad I found Pen and Prosper. Jennifer serves up useful tips and sound advice in such a fun way! Congrats, Jennifer. Well-deserved.

  11. Jennifer Brown Banks Says:

    How wonderful. Thanks so much, Yasmin. You are appreciated. :-)

  12. Janette Dolores Says:

    I stumbled upon Pen and Prosper a couple of years ago and am thrilled I did. The content is always informative and entertaining, a difficult combo to pull off. A much-appreciated mention!

  13. Jennifer Brown Banks Says:

    Much appreciation for your feedback and support. You’re a gem.

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