Best of the Web: Style Blogs of the Week no. 76


Best of the Web: Style Blogs of the WeekSummer’s in the air and that means Summer fashion is too! Here at Be in Style we’ve got you covered, bringing you a fantastic collection of fashion minded bloggers that are sure to inspire you to take your style to the next level. So what are you waiting for? Check out these great blogs!




Thinking in Shapes

thinking in shapes

“Thinking In Shapes is a blog about vintage-inspired fashion and clothing construction. The author, Lady Danburry is a tailor by trade and designs all of the work showcased on Thinking In Shapes.”

Mode Karussel


“My blog is what keeps me being active and creative. My platform to show a little part of the world what inspires me, what i like to wear and what i captured on film. And even though it’s opened for everyone, it is my little private space to keep and safe particularly memories.”

Hippie Gone Mad

hippie gone mad

“As a Hippie GONE mad I tend to wear everything that I love. My style changes according to my mood because I believe that fashion is the best way to express yourself. I’m trying to immortalized all of my daily outfits and my shoe collection in my virtual wonderland(read:blog).Last but not least there’s always a story behind every outfit I wear and I share em in my blog.”



“threadsquare is my little corner of the blogosphere, mainly focused on my adventures in crafting a sustainable, well-fitting wardrobe. Upcycling, thrifting, sewing from scratch with patterns, trial and error while I tackle the elusive perfect fit, couture technique/slow sewing meets quick and dirty serger fun. You might even find some hand-crafted gifts for wee ones and a recipe or two.”

Rising Sun & Co

Rising sun  co Blog

“Rising Sun & Co. handcrafts indigo clothing that capture the optimistic spirit America is founded on, from a time when jeans were not merely made but crafted. By reviving the tradition of quality American needle work we create only the highest grade of garments. Nostalgic for this golden age of craftsmanship, we labor. From start to finish, we take extra care to assure a quality product for our patrons. Our patterns are vintage inspired fits and construction techniques that have been tried and true for decades. We prefer using selvage, narrow goods on our garments because of the superior durability of a fabric woven on vintage shuttle looms. We use antiquated machinery that has proven to be the best for crafting a product that outlasts others.”

Butterfly Wings

Butterfly wings blog

“My Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle Blog is honest, down to earth, friendly and most important of all fun and carefree. I post on a wide variety of topics, so hopefully i have that little bit of something for everyone whatever their age or interests.”


“Beeswonderland is a fashion blog from a Bosnian fashion lover blogging from Vienna. It cannot be put in a one style category, since I’m dressing myself depending on that day’s mood, from girly to androgynous, from rock to glam, from black to colors. Fashion is a game and I’m having a lot of fun playing with it.”

These changing seasons probably mean you’re probably looking at doing more than just making a few changes in your fashion. has everything you need, like these twin beds for adults.

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  1. theperfectnose Says:

    Yay for the style icons that make their own clothes – (I’m here to wootwoot Threadsquare but the others look cool too). XD

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