Best of the Web: Style Blogs of the Week no. 77


Best of the Web: Style Blogs of the Week

Greetings fashion world, and welcome to another exciting edition of Be In Style’s Best of the Web, brought to you by the PocketChange lifestyle blog. We’ve got a very healthy offering for you all this week as we delve into a fantastic expose of inspirational personal expression. Let’s not mince words and get right to it!

Instant Flowers

instant flowers

“A creative fashion, photography and lifestyle blog through the eyes of a 17-year old girl living in Brussels. An outfit I wore to school, my travel photo diary, a video experiment… check it all out on my blog!”

My Style Spot

style spot

“MyStyleSpot – for those obsessed with fashion, style, and beauty. MyStyleSpot showcases personal style as well as covering the latest trends in fashion and beauty. A fun shopping blog created to help the reader learn about fabulous new boutiques, brands, and designers, as well as access amazing deals on fashion and beauty. MyStyleSpot was designed to be informative on everything fashion and beauty, as well as to help enlighten and inspire the reader’s own unique style.”

Brew of the Day


“Fashion, Food, Beauty, and Lifestyle are some of the things you won’t usually associate with coffee but that is the unusual blend of blog posts that you can read on BREW OF THE DAY ( Brew of The Day started as a personal blog of a coffeeholic teacher who loves to write, feature, and share the things she likes in the fashion, beauty, food, and lifestyle scene here in the Philippines. Kai (Kaisensei) adds her own personal twist to Brew of The Day as she also shares and encourages her readers on how she was able to conquer her self-esteem issues, love for teaching, and addiction to coffee or anything caffeinated. ”

Fore Front Fashion


“Fore Front Fashion is a street style blog based in Portland, Maine. The blog captures the unique personal style of Mainers and highlights the local designers and shops of Maine. Though most people look to the streets of New York City or L.A. for unique fashions, Portland is an up and coming city where personal style is at it’s best.”



“Raneytown is a collaborative space that brings two sisters, living in two different cities, closer together. Rebeca and Raquel Raney proudly embrace that beautiful, fine line between art and design. Together, they present their readers with a variety of visually dynamic subjects while keeping the atmosphere light and fun. Raneytown offers graphic design services and is also working behind the scenes to bring a small line of products to life.”

Work It


“Work It is my personal style blog. I’m focused on exploring the world of fashion from within the confines of a business professional setting. I love the idea of taking something that is stereotypically labeled as boring and using creativity, innovation and beautiful shoes to turn it into something fantastic.”

Gold Plated Dreams


“Gold Plated Dreams is all about fashion, including events, photo shoots, styling, and the latest Furor news. But most importantly, it’s an outlet where I get to share a little bit about myself through every experience, photo or post.”

Fashion Chopper

Fashion Chopper blog

“Fashion Chopper is all about a person, who loves fashion and rock’n’roll music. Trying to mix it all together, she creates a space filled up with passion and love for both things. Online(and not only) shop reviews, new purchases, outfits, new collections, fashion event, trips, photoshoots and lots of music. Dreaming about a career in fashion and life in London, she’s doing every step in fulfilling her dreams. (“If you have a dream and you go for it, nothing is impossible.”

Wear Abouts 

Wear Abouts blog

“My name is Rory and my blog name is Wear Abouts. I started my blog on January 1st, 2012 as my new years resolution and dream to share my love of fashion with other girls like me. I’m 16 years old, and so dressing what I consider “fashionably” can sometimes be a challenge when I’m surrounded by the same jeans-and-uggs-everyday crowd. But I like to stand out, so I keep up with the trends when no one else I see everyday does. My blog was started for the goal of challenging myself to keep it stylish, but it has become more of inspiring others. I want to inspire the world around me to follow their dreams like I am doing with my fashion blog. Corny, I know. But it’s true :)”

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Written by Russel Hawthorne

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