How to protect your home with an alarm system


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Don’t wait until it happens to you. A burglary can be a life altering event. They happen every day, every hour, all over the world. Don’t be foolish to think it would never happen to in your neighborhood. My family thought the same thing when I was younger. Until one day our house was turned upside down and nearly all of our personal belongings were stolen. In this post I will go over some tips to help prevent home theft from happening to you.

Lock your windows and doors

It’s so simple it shouldn’t even be said, but believe it or not most people fail to check before they leave their house. It takes one minute to check your windows and doors and it may seem like a hassle to do every time you leave your home, but trust me it will work.

Alarm systems

remote alarm systemsAn alarm system can be very effective. Especially if you advertise that you have one, like a burglar oudoor alarm system. Most thieves will just keep going by when they see your home has been armed with an alarm system.

Another effective use of alarm systems are remote alarm systems. A wireless home alarm system can be set up in multiple areas throughout your home. This gives you the ability to protect several weak points of entry. For example a side garage door, a bathroom/bedroom window, or sliding door.

Get a dog

Yes! Keep that dog inside the house if you can and you will be amazed at how well he/she will turn away unwanted intruders. I wouldn’t recommend something small and cuddly, maybe a Labrador or a Husky (they can still be cuddly too!).


I highly recommend installing deadbolts on main doors on entry. Like a side door, definitely the front door, and any door leading into the backyard.

While on vacation

Don’t announce you’ll be gone to everyone. Tell a trusted neighbor if you have pets that need to be fed and ask them to pick up your mail. If you are gone for an extended period of time look into purchasing light timers. These are fantastic for making it seem like you’re home while you’re on vacation.

Those are some quick tips for protecting your household from theft. The most important rule is to always be smart about it. Don’t have personal or valuable items out in plain sight and protect and always backup valuable information that might be on a computer.

Let us know any other tips you might have below!

Written by Nigel Thornburry

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