Vehicle safety needs for your baby


Camo baby car seats, child seat belt harness

Safety is one the most important aspects that a parent needs to look into where a child is concerned. In fact this is the reason why several authorities have made the use of a car seat compulsory. You would be surprised to know that child facilities are estimated to have reduced by 71 percent as quoted by certain authorities. Apart from that several other advantages include:

  • If you use it properly, there is bound to be a rapid decline in injuries caused to the child. The children are not tossed around getting hurt from a variety of objects in the car
  • The fit is very cosy for the child. In fact the adjustable parts can also be fitted as per the child’s growth. This restrains the child’s movements such that they are saved from dangerous jerks and forces to the body. The five point harness helps in keeping the child intact which at times a single or double belt fails to do since the child might slip out.
  • Very recently I bought Camo baby car seats as a gift for my sister’s twins. She told me that the various reclining adjustments make the child very comfortable. Did you know that it prevents the child from falling down especially when they are sleeping? It proves to be very useful especially when the child is napping.

Do not forget that the child seat belt harness also boasts of several advantages. Most of the car seats have an adjustable and five point harness system. This helps with two straps over the shoulders, two over the thighs and one is a crotch strap. It helps the child stay firm in the car seat and not slip out. In fact the security of the child is immense since it keeps the child away from being whipped around during the accidents.

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