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Are you moving into a new house or moving from one place to the other? If yes then in both cases you need to move all your belongings safely. Shifting can be challenging when you have loads of items to move. Items like cabinets, couches, tables, sofas, chandeliers, table lamps etc. can break or get damaged if not handled carefully while shifting. Taking trucks on rent may not sound like a good and affordable deal to everybody. Hence, you can try and use the under mentioned items to move your stuff securely.

  • Carry on trailers

You can check out some sturdy carry on trailers. Many of them come with removable storage trunks. These trunks allow you to carry breakable, fragile and other items safely from one place to another. With over 4 cubic feet of storage, these trailers come with easy to tie and remove trunks. Perfect for small and medium sized items, these trailers can easily be tied to your car or motorbike. You can check out some cute tricycles comprising of built-in trailers. These tricycles allow your kids to have fun and feel great while helping you shift stuff. You can use these tricycles to shift your kid’s toys and other small items. You can select a tricycle featuring a robust body, solid rubber tires, spoke less wheels and welded steel frame. You can take a look at one-piece steel center folding ramps which are ideal for loading motorcycles into pickup trucks. You can choose larger carry on trailers for commercial use and for shifting furniture.

  • Heavy duty tires

Since you will be using big trailers to shift your stuff, you will definitely need strong tires to help you in this task. You can equip your car or truck with heavy duty rugged tires. These tires not only help you move stuff conveniently, but they also help you drive safely on different types of terrain. There are different types of Carlisle tires which can make your car sturdier and your rides safer. Made of best quality rubber, these tires give your vehicle that extra power to stay stable in difficult traction conditions.

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