Wind chimes that will help you unwind


Corinthian wind chime, thornquist patio dining table

I am not a stern believer of Feng Shui, but I do believe in objects that have a kind of positive or negative energy to them. Wind chimes are a beautiful decorative piece, which reflects a lot of positive energy through its musical sound. A lot of people like to hang wind chimes on their windows or gates, but I think these wind chimes are a nice addition to any backyard/patio.

The thing is that I really spend a lot of time in my patio, enjoying the serene greenery of the garden and having a relaxing cup of coffee. When the wind blows the wind chime will make soothing noises, which puts me in a very relaxed mood. I had picked this Corinthian wind chime that has an aesthetic appeal and definitely has a positive vibe to it.

When I am stressed, I hate all kinds of noises, even that of my pet barking. But somehow, this musical sound takes away all the energy. Romans believe that these chimes keep evil spirits away and bring good fortune. For me these chimes are just one way to unwind and de-stress. The music coming from the chimes is like a flow of positive energy that rejuvenates my mind.

Thornquist patio dining tableDuring the summer months, I like to entertain my friends on the porch or the patio, so that we can enjoy some fresh air. A Thornquist patio dining table is the perfect accompaniment when you want to have a meal outside. Talking about your problems to friends and family, with that soothing noise of the wind chime in the background is surely a very relaxing experience.

You can hang the wind chime on the door that leads to the patio, or on the ceiling, or anywhere with lots of air circulation so that it keeps on tingling all day through.

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