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As you go out for shopping for your baby’s nursery furniture, the options are limitless. While some would prefer to buy the whole set, there are others who would go for parts and pieces. However, there are some furniture items that not only help save money, but also the space, while giving you great utility factor. One such furniture is baby crib combo.

Combo cribs are actually typical cribs with certain attachments to them making as just one piece. They are convertible and become great utility items as the child keeps growing. One typical crib combo comes with storage on the side. The drawers can be used for keeping baby clothes initially, and later things like books or toys can be kept in them.

Another type of baby crib combo comes with a changing table. You can use it for about two years as a changing table, and then later can be used as a dresser. Beneath the changing table can be drawers, shelves and in some cases even a laundry bin. These can be taken in and out of the set. The table can be used to keep toys or as even as a bedside stand. While the laundry bin can continue its function, the drawers can be used according to what the baby needs then.

Some of these cribs can even convert into a toddler bed and then eventually as full sized bed. Why not get a nice purple crib bedding to decorate your baby’s room? Perhaps, it is the most “in color” these days and your baby’s nursery is sure to look fabulous.

Are you worried for the cost? Well, there is no denying the fact that you pay a little more now, but believe me it is worth the deal in the long run. There are several other baby crib combo sets as well. See what you need and what suits you the most, and then get one that works best for you.

Written by Ruby Lancer

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