Relax like an Ancient Roman with a soaking tub


Deep soaking tubs, floor standing toilet tissue holder If your life is so hectic that at the end of the day you want to wind down and clear your mind, the solution can be as close to you as your bathroom. But, if your bathroom is cramped and just as stressful as your life, you might need to switch things up a bit and consider a soaking tub. Deep soaking tubs allow you to participate in hot water therapy, an Ancient Roman practice used to relax and heal the mind, body, and soul. Here’s what a deep soaking tub can do for you.

Submerging yourself up to your neck in hot water, ranging from 100-104 degrees, can offer you the following benefits:

Cardiovascular health

The light pressure of the water exercises and strengthens your heart muscles which improves blood circulation.

Improved sleep

The warmth of the water increases your own body temperature with prompts you to sleep faster and better.

Relieved arthritis

Increased body temperature allows for better blood circulation and helps you from experience stiffness.

Decrease in blood pressure

The pressure caused by being submerged in hot water increases your heart rate, which simulates aerobic exercise which conditions your heart.

Pain relief

Hot water prompts your brain to release endorphins which is a pain reliever. Also, warm water improves blood circulation which allows oxygen to more quickly circulate the body and clear our lactic acid that builds up in muscles after straining activities. Roman soldiers used deep soaking tubs to recover from muscle trauma from battle, or simply a hard day’s work.

Reduced weight and blood sugar levels

Studies have shown that patients have lost a couple of pounds after a few weeks of soaking in hot water for 30 minutes. Also, sugar levels were reduced by about 20 points because of better blood circulation.

With so many health benefits from hot water therapy, a deep soaking tub is a great lifetime investment. The great thing is that they are small and can work in small bathrooms. If you’re really cramped for space, you can get a 48″ Silhouette Hammered Copper Hourglass Japanese Style Soaking Tub which serves the same purpose but is more circular, so you would be sitting upright, opposed to reclining a bit. If you have a large bathroom, you can get a Kohler or Avano soaking tub that would serve a regular tub, but have the depth for you to participate in hot water therapy.

If you’re looking to totally de-stress your bathroom by replacing a few key items that always frustrate you due to their lack of functionality, I would advocate for getting a floor standing toilet tissue holder. Some might wonder why I am suggesting this, but there have been many times where I have gotten frustrated trying to load my toilet paper into a spring rod and then into its holder next to my sink vanity. The last thing I want to do at the end of the day is use the little strength I have left to push the spring rod the right amount for it to slip into its holder! With a floor standing toilet tissue holder, you can just slip one on and not worry about it being complicated or fighting you back.

What are some additions or replacements you’ve made to make your bathroom a stress-free zone?

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