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energy efficient curtains, energy saving 14,000 btu portable air conditioners


I have a number of friends, who want to implement greener solutions for their homes, but often space can be a constraint. It is not possible for all home owners to afford or have enough area to set up solar panel on their roof tops for saving energy and being eco-friendly. But you can do your bit by using these other options that are affordable and also energy efficient.

Energy efficient curtains are a perfect example of green products, which are compact and also help to regulate the temperature in the house. Basically these are draperies that come with attached linings at the back. As a result, they block the heat and prevent it from coming inside during the warm summer months.

Also, they conserve the inner heat during the winters and prevent it from getting out. These curtains are available separate from the drape too. They hang from the curtain rod and are mounted close to the window, which doesn’t allow air to escape from the edges. As a rule of thumb, these should be hung closer to the ceiling also for the same reasons.

The floor length energy efficient curtains tend to slow the flow of both hot and cold air, which doesn’t allow it to enter or exit the room. You can try hanging two curtains on the window as it helps in creating a tighter space, as compared to a single piece.

Another easy way to conserve energy, without compromising on space and budget is through energy saving 14,000 btu portable air conditioners. These easily portable air conditioners give you the same cooling as a fixed one. But these, consume much lesser energy and thus help you save a lot on electricity.

These easy to use air conditioners can be taken to any room of the house. Just adjust the cooling as per your requirement and enjoy this eco-friendly gadget!

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