2 great items to help make a splash this summer


facedown deluxe beach lounger, sofina caribbean island float

The weather is starting to warm up now as we are about half way through Spring and marching quickly towards Summer. Now is a perfect time to prepare for all the swim trips you’re going to take, whether it’s at the ocean, a lake or your local pool. You don’t want to head out there empty handed, so I am here today to show you some fun items to take with you on your next water adventure!

Facedown Deluxe Beach Lounger: One of the big draws about being at the beach or pool is catching some rays and getting a nice even tan. It’s easy to get one on your front, all you have to do is lie on your back and relax. But when it’s time to flip over, that side is a little more tricky. You are generally more uncomfortable lying on your chest than your back, and you also have to have only one side of your face in the sunlight, which can result in an uneven tan. Get a facedown deluxe beach lounger that not only has a face hole that makes lying on both your front and back more comfortable, but it is ergonomically designed to relieve neck and back pain as well.

Sofina Caribbean Island Float: Most people don’t have a fun water day alone; you want to go with friends and family to enjoy the day in good company! You also don’t want to spend the whole day dry, you need to get in the water and have some fun. Grab a Sofina Caribbean Island Float so your whole party can party!

There you have it, just two simple ways you can make your whole summer by the water that much better. What are some of your favorite items to bring with you to the beach or pool? Let us know in the comments section!




Written by Jack Arrigucci

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