Ways to keep your home cool this summer


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Do you know what the hottest states in the U.S. are?  The six states that have the highest average temperatures year round are Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Hawaii, Georgia, and Mississippi.  Following close behind are Alabama, South Carolina, and Arkansas.

Of course, no matter where you live, when the temperature reaches 100 degrees in your city, averages go out the window – it’s hot!  And this summer promises to be a whopping one.  So what can you do to keep your home – and your self – cool when the heat is on?  Here are a few time-tested methods that should help:


You have to know when to let air in and when not too.  Keep the windows open at night when the weather cools down.  However, during the day, if the windows are open, you might just allow more heat to get inside.

Air conditioning

In most places, the need for an air conditioner in the summer is a necessity.  Installing a four ton air conditioner in your home can do wonders for you when you close the doors and windows and let the cool air circulate throughout your home.

The only thing about AC’s is that they can use up a lot of energy.  For those times when it’s not super hot, you can save some money by using portable air conditioner vent kits instead of a home AC unit.

Creating shade

Installing awnings over your windows is a great way of keeping the sunlight from landing directly into your home.  You can also plant trees in various spots around your home to help with this.  The less sunlight that gets into your home, the less hot it will be inside.

Implementing these strategies are surefire ways of bringing the temperature in your house down.  Of course, the most fun way to stay cool during the summer – swimming! Don’t forget to put that sunscreen on!

Written by Jasper Plankintosh

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