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garden tool rack, stylish safety glasses

Springtime means that it is time to start doing some serious yard work. You need to plant all of your annuals, patch up your lawn, and probably replace a garden tool or two. After all, there is only so much you can get done if your tools are limited. And you don’t want to be spending time to try and find those tools so you will want to be organized as well. As always when working with any type of tool, you’ll want to take the proper safety precautions as well. Today we’ll take a look at some of the tings you will need to keep a nice and tidy yard this Summer.

Garden Tool Rack: As I stated, you definitely want to keep your garden tools organized. Not only will it make them easier to find and clear up space, but it will also keep them safe and in good shape, adding longevity to their life. This is where a garden tool rack comes in handy. It can hold your standard tools like rakes, shovels, and hoes. Larger models can hold bigger items such as chainsaws and even wheelbarrows. You also have options in the type of rack you want. You can get a stand alone rack, or a wall mount. The wall mount will save you space, while the stand alone can be moved around.

Stylish Safety Glasses: Anytime you are dealing with any tool, you want to take the proper safety precautions, and garden tools are no different. Safety goggles are probably the most important piece of safety equipment. You never know when a piece of dirt, wood, or rock could fly up and hit you in the eye. No reason that you can’t look good while being safe, so grab yourself a pair of stylish safety glasses.


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