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XPS monitor, Broadcom 5709 dual port 1GBE NIC with toe pcie-4

Desktop computers may be losing their edge to laptop computers but they still perform a lot better than laptops. The other advantage with desktops is the ability to connect numerous accessories. Let us take a look at a couple of awesome accessories which you could use for your Dell PC.

Most Dell desktops come with regular 17 to 19 inch monitors. Most people would be fine with this screen size but I am sure everyone would prefer a large full HD monitor. Getting a new one doesn’t really mean you have to get rid of the old one. You can use both together and have a large extended desktop which will not only look cool but also help make things easier while working on it. The large screen 22 and 23 inch Dell XPS monitors are one of the most popular ones around. They are one of the best desktop monitors available these days. The 23 inch XPS monitor supports full HD which means it can support resolutions of up to 1920*1080. These monitors have a high contrast ratio of over 2000000:1 which make them one of the brightest ones around.

The viewing angle on these monitors is about 178 degrees which great for a 23 inch monitor. The response time of 6 ms is just about enough to completely eliminate the ghosting effect. This monitor also features about 4 USB ports to which you can connect multiple USB based devices. This makes things convenient as you don’t have to go looking for your cabinet to plug in any USB devices. Lastly this monitor is Energy Star qualified so you can be rest assured about your utility bills.

If you use a Dell desktop to link up with other computers in a network then you should consider getting a Broadcom 5709 dual port 1GBE NIC with toe pcie-4 card. This is one of the most efficient networking cards you will find. This card not only doubles the throughput of standard Gigabit networking but also decreasing overall CPU utilization.  This card can be used in most Dell Power edge servers PC’s in networks.

So get yourself these awesome accessories and experience the difference

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