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hard cover big clutch wallet, elle floral design

Flowers are lovely and vivacious. You can bring the freshness of flowers into your life by choosing some accessories and garments with floral prints. Floral prints never go out of style. Moreover, they are great for spring season and warmer days. These prints can please your eyes and keep you sparkling all day. Here are some floral accessories you can buy for this season.

  • DesignSK hard case flat wallet clutches

Featuring a soft plastic exterior and nylon interior, these DesignSK clutches are really cute. They come with 4 credit card slots and 1 slot for your ID. They feature slots for your money bills, zippered change pockets and checkbook holders. These flat wallet clutches are great for regular use. You can carry them to the supermarket, malls, schools etc. They are functional as they can carry everything from cash to checkbooks. You can use them without the purses. You can carry them in a bigger purse.

  • Opera shimmery wallets

You can check out a hard cover big clutch wallet with soft interiors. Many of these wallets are small enough to fit in your purse or clutch. Their full-frame design and stylish exterior is a combination of fashion and durability. These wallets open easily and lie flat to allow easy access. Their multi-functional interior features checkbook pockets, zippered change pockets, ID photo windows, credit card slots and billfold pockets. They come with sturdy polished metal frames. Many of them feature sequin and floral designs. These wallets are perfect for night outs, clubs, parties etc.

  • Elle floral handbags

You can go for pretty handbags with Elle floral designs. Bursting with style, these handbags come with spattered floral designs. You can wear these trendy handbags with party dresses to look fabulous. You can pick bags with white and pink combination. Their logo key chain completes their look. Featuring side bow accents, these bags can add a feminine flair to your outfits. Made of faux leather, they come with zipper closures and shoulder straps.


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