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hemp shoes, bamboo flat shoes

Fashion can be eco-friendly if you just make an attempt. Being green at heart, I always try to avoid buying leather shoes, though once in a while I do pick up something that has been made from recycled or faux leather. There are plenty of green options out there for shoes and one of them is hemp shoes.

Hemp is a part of the plant that is used to make these shoes and is a name commonly used for THC or low tetrahydrocannabinol portions of the plant Cannabis sativa. Today, hemp has been used for various kinds of industrial, home, fuel, textiles and even biodegradable plastics. Even though it has been traditionally associated with marijuana, hemp has a lot of other benefits too.

Hemp shoes offer your feet comfort and style, without compromising on the eco-friendly quotient. Labels like Patagonia, Vans and Sanuk have been using hemp to make comfy shoe types like loafers and slip ons. Such shoes let your feet breathe, offer support to the feet and offer all day comfort. The best part is you can wear them all year round too. The casual shoes provide effortless style and make you feel good for being environment friendly.

Apart from hemp, another green alternative for stylish shoes are bamboo flat shoes. As the name suggests, these shoes are made using bamboo as a main material. Combined with suede uppers and neoprene, bamboo flat shoes are perfect for day and casual wear. They come with ventilated mesh lining to let your feet breathe and are affordable and durable too.

Both hemp and bamboo shoes are made using natural materials, which helps to conserve the environment. They are great for the feet because they are skin-friendly and breathable, thus saving you those terrible foot odor problems. So, make a sensible switch and opt for these eoc-friendly shoes.

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