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HP is one of the biggest brands when it comes to desktops and laptop computers. Over the past few years they have also been known to make some of the best inkjet and laser printers around. Their printers are great for office as well as home use. Let us take a look at a couple of good inkjet printers from HP.

When it comes to choosing printers there are basically two types. They are inkjet printers and laser printers. Laser printers have low printing costs but have a high initial cost while inkjet printers have a low initial cost but high printing cost. If you tend to print a lot then a laser printer would be a good option but if you would be using your printer one in a while then inkjet printers would be the way to go. Among the HP inkjet printers the HP DesignJet 430 wide format printers are one of the best ones around. They feature 300 DPI print resolution which is top notch quality. This printer comes with about 4 MB of standard memory which is expandable. This memory is expandable which will make your prints a lot faster. This printer is extremely versatile and flexible as they can print on coated paper, glossy paper, imaging film, matte film, plain paper, and roll paper.

One of the key aspects to remember with HP printers is that they work very well with HP’s OEM cartridges. The OEM cartridges from HP ensure high quality, high output low cost prints. Their OEM cartridges are great for office use as they make use of increased efficiency. The HP Officejet series of printers have highly efficient cartridges like the HP 950 ink cartridges. This black ink cartridge can print up to about 600 pages. The quality and detail of the print will be as good as you’d expect from any OEM cartridge. So get yourself a HP printer and high quality HP OEM ink cartridges take advantage of its features.

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