3 items to help keep your summer ice cold


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As Spring turns into Summer, you can expect some serious heat waves to hit us. It’s important to try and stay cool and comfortable. One of the best ways to do that is to have a steady inventory of ice on hand to make any drink instantly cool. That’s great if you are at home, but what if you are on the road? Sure you can fill a cooler with ice, but that will only keep for so long. You can buy ice, but that becomes costly in the long run. That’s why we have a couple of great ice products to help you stay cool no matter where you are this Summer!

Ice Shaver: Ice isn’t just for cooling off drinks, it can be used to make delicious treats as well. Just grab some flavored syrups and you can make sno-cones for the whole neighborhood! You can also make tasty blended cocktails and ice cold smoothies to get the most out of your new ice shaver!

Electric Ice Cube Makers: When you are having a fun day on a house boat, or taking a weekend camping trip, ice is at a premium. After all, no one wants to make a run to the store just to get ice. Instead, bring the ice to you with a portable ice cube maker! All you need is an outlet and some water and you can have fresh and frozen ice cubes in only a matter of minutes!

Water Bottle Ice Stick Tray: Since you want to stay cool in the sun, a lot of people like to take a water bottle with them. But it’s hard to keep that water cool because traditional ice cubes don’t fit through the top. Get an ice stick tray that shape the ice into long skinny sticks that easily fit into any water bottle!

Written by Jack Arrigucci

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