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kitchen sink cabinet, kitchen sink with drainboard

When it comes to the kitchen sink, you can never have enough accessories around it. Whatever you get installed has to be functional and not mess with your kitchen décor. They don’t have to be fitted to sink, it can be anywhere around the kitchen sink area like above or under it. However, with space constraint in modern kitchens, you have to make sure they don’t take too much space also.

Here are a few compact kitchen sink accessories that are feasible and add to the aesthetic value too:

1. Kitchen sink cabinet

A kitchen sink cabinet is the perfect way to keep your supplies, without being intrusive when you do the dishes. These can be fitted above or even below the sink (depending on your plumbing). You can store your dish washing cleansers, scrubbers, tissues, etc. here. You can pick something that traditional made of wood or go for the more affordable plastic ones.

2. Drainboards

Kitchen sink with drainboards are a boon for homemakers. These drainboards or drain baskets prevent food and other items from falling down the sink. It means that you will have to worry less about clogging. Of course, if your ring slips accidently into the sink, the drain board would not let it pass down to the drainage.

3. Extra drying racks

Whether you admit it or not, there are never enough drying racks, especially when guests are over. A couple of extra drying racks around the sink mean that you simply place your dishes on them as they are washed. This helps to save time and energy. You also save space and money by not investing in a separate drying rack or basket.

Apart from these, some other accessories you can get for your kitchen sink are-

  • Stoppers for plugging the sink drain
  • Air gap kits for water runoff
  • Sink strainers to wash dishes

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