Bubble massage bathtubs for the indulgent


kohler bubble massage, bath tub caddiesSometimes, you just need a good soak. Or even better, a massage? Put those two together and you’ve got a bubble massage bath! Work and home life can get stressful, and nothing says “relaxing” like a warm bubble massage right in the comfort of your own home. With a Kohler bubble massage bathtub, you can turn your bathroom into a spa retreat! Here are some amazing features of this bubble massage bathtub.

How it works

Once you’ve filled up your bubble massage bathtub with hot water, use the lighted keypad to activate your bubble massage. Thousands of bubbles will instantly release through 120 air jets which are positioned all around the tub. What’s great about the Kohler bubble massage bathtub is that you are able to adjust the pressure of bubbles released to targeted areas, like as your back, feet, or midsection. This gives you control of what area of your body needs extra attention. The hot water will soothe and calm your nerves, while the bubbles will massage and relax your muscles.

Contemporary style and build

Made from acrylic, the Kohler bubble massage bathtub has a shiny white finish, similar to porcelain tubs. This offers a modern and sleek look that will update the look of any bathroom. Plus, with a molded lumbar you have extra support and comfort while you enjoy your bubble massage. Once you are done with your bubble massage, the water will exit through the tub’s center drain, and it will then automatically give itself a rinse known as a “purge cycle” which will remove residue from the air jets. If you ever want to give it a rinse, you can also manually select this option from the keypad.

Other tips

One of the more fun aspects of this tub is that it has colored lighting which you can change depending on your mood. Try turning off your bathroom lights and change it to whatever color you want – it can be a great escape! With so many great feature and benefits, it’s no wonder this tub is one of the top rated air tubs. If you have decided to make your bathroom a stress free zone, using bath tub caddies to hold all your soaps, shampoos, and scrubs would be a great idea. The last thing you want is to knock any down while getting in and out of the tub, ruining your bubble massage!

Let us know how your bubble massage tub has helped you relax, along with any bathroom organization tips to keep your de-stressed!

Written by Reese Hudgins

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