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Dressing snazzy is something human beings have enjoyed doing since the beginning of time, along with crafting spears and riding on dinosaurs.  While most of us don’t do much of the last two anymore, we have been able to maintain the tradition of looking sharp.

As far as fashion goes, a man can never do better than a suit; you should definitely wear one when it is appropriate as you will look your very best.  Below is some info on how to wear men’s linen suits so that they are as fashionable as can be:

Making sure it fits –

  • Jacket should cover only the top of your hips.
  • Shoulder pads should slope downward.
  • Pants should rest on hips.
  • A ½ inch of each shirt sleeve and a ¼ inch of the cuff should be exposed when you put your suit jacket on.

Matching with your suit –

  • Striped shirt, solid tie; patterned tie, solid shirt – an easy and important rule to remember.
  • Wear argyle socks if your outfit is made up mostly of solid colors.
  • Your tie should just touch your belt buckle.
  • A pocket square that matches always turns it up a notch.

Things to keep in mind –

  • The Windsor knot is the most professional and fashionable knot of them all.  Learn how to make it.
  • Always leave the bottom button of your suit jacket undone, regardless of how many buttons it has.  Unbutton them all when you are about to sit down.

Follow these tidbits of advice while sporting a men’s linen suit from Calvin Klein and you will surely be the snazziest guy at the party, from here on known as the Snazzinator.

For those times when you need to look good, but a suit would be over the top, just keep it simple and put on a banded bottom polo.

Written by Jasper Plankintosh

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