Give your child’s bedroom a makeover


mini sofas for teens, slip cover couch zebra pillows

In this blog post, we are going to give you tips and suggestions you can consider when you give your kid’s bedroom a makeover. However it is important to remember that your child is your client and she should have a say in what she likes and dislikes. You can give her ample opportunities to get involved in this project by asking her to pick her bedside lamp or ask her to give you a hand at wall painting or picking up furniture for the room.

One of the most important thing in a teen’s bedroom is the studying area which should be separate and subtle than the rest of the room. By creating a number of book shelves above the studying table, your child can fill it with books, picture frames, certificates, awards etc. and make this space personal. Extra storage space can be included via various kinds of storage bins which can be easily hidden underneath the bed or table.

Another tip is buy furniture that has dual purpose such as the ottoman bed that can be used as an extra seat or additional bed when her friend comes over for a night over. You can consider adding mini sofas for teens bedroom in order give them some casual seating space when they invite friends over. If you want to introduce patterns then check out slip cover couch zebra pillows that you can place on their bed or the couch. Other fun ways to decorate a teen’s room is by sticking wall decals such as they initials of their favorite football team or of their name.

Ultimately, you child has to like and enjoy the décor of the bedroom and involving her as much as possible is a key to a successful bedroom makeover.

So do you have any easy tips for a quick bedroom makeover for a teen? Share your comments below!

Written by Omi Nandan

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