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The only thing that is constant about modern technology is that it will always be changing. The laptop is one such item that will continue to be further developed and each year seems to bring more fantastic innovations than the next. High end laptops are the first to feature newer technologies, so here is a look at three new laptop innovations that are sure to astound.

Charging stations

Laptop charging stations and docking stations for laptops are not necessarily a new idea, but the way in which they are looking at how they are implemented is rapidly evolving. Companies like Powermat Technologies have recently come out with prototype wireless charging stations where instead of plugging in your laptop or mobile device, you simply place it on the pad and through its pioneering inductive coupling model. Imagine a future where to charge your laptop you simply place it on desk that has a built in charging surface, making wires a think of the past!

Gesture control

Currently, Intel is working on a laptop that features a touch and gesture control system, similar to the popular Xbox Kinect and Playstation Move technologies. Dubbed the “ultrabook,” Intel’s latest foray into personal computers seeks to incorporate simple movements and hand gestures, creating a new and exciting way to interact with your laptop. Once a thought relegated to the world of science-fiction, imagine being able to browse through pictures and surf the internet by simply swiping your hand or grasping items to move to a save folder.

Intel Smart Connect

As one of its most recent releases, the Intel Smart Connect allows laptops and computers to update applications like social networks and e-mails while the computer is still asleep. This neat piece of technology makes it so you no longer have to wait for your computer to update, allowing you to just open up the screen and go. Don’t sweat about Intel’s Smart Connect draining your battery as it automatically adjusts the amount of time it updates to ensure your battery is maximized and does not get drained completely.

Grab these pieces of technology while they are still new and hot, otherwise the speed of the technology game may pass you by!

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