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paul mitchell tea tree shampoo, shampoo with avocado, swanson neem shampoo

Though most commercial shampoos are considered safe and contain acceptable levels of chemicals, prolonged use of the products may damage your hair and health. Natural, biodegradable ingredients also help reduce carbon footprints by keeping the environment clean and unpolluted. Read on to find out some more benefits of using shampoos with natural ingredients to keep your hair looking lustrous:

Paul Mitchell tea tree shampoo

Natural ingredients in shampoos stimulate growth of new hair follicles. Natural oils and herbal extracts gently perfume and moisturize hair and scalp and prevent dry and brittle hair. They’re generally non-allergenic and suit most hair and skin types. Paul Mitchell tea tree shampoo cleanses and invigorates hair to get rid of impurities with natural ingredients like tea tree oil, peppermint and lavender. It has a strong, minty tea tree fragrance and leaves hair and scalp feeling ‘tingly’ fresh.

paul mitchell tea tree shampoo, swanson neem shampooShampoo with avocado

Avocado oil, rich in Vitamin D and E, extracted from the seed of the avocado has long been used as an active ingredient in shampoos. The natural fat present in the seed moisturizes and softens dry hair. Peppermint and avocado volumizing and clarifying shampoo from Philip.B deep cleanses hair to give it volume and bounce. It contains pure peppermint oil and other pure plant extracts to leave your hair and scalp feeling fresh and energized. Avocado shampoo restores shine to dry hair and is absolutely safe for color-treated hair. Products like avocado butter pre-shampoo hair treatment can be applied to restore life to frequently treated and styled hair.

Swanson neem shampoo

Neem oil and neem extracts are an excellent remedy for dry, damaged hair and to treat scalp problems. Neem works to strengthen hair and promote healthy hair growth. Auromere aloe vera-neem shampoo from Swanson promotes growth of thick and lustrous hair and soothes the scalp. It contains hibiscus that nourishes and moisturizes the roots. Swanson tree oil shampoo is totally free from chemicals and contains natural vegetable and plant extracts like aloe vera, arnica, sage, rosemary, tea tree and coconut oil, oregano, thyme and others to protect hair.

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