How to protect your pets around the pool


dog pool float & lounger, aquatic turtle kitsThe thought of children and swimming pools together may trigger discomforting thoughts to many. So, it comes as no shock that our beloved pets become of concern in the same manner. Just like our children, we should take precaution when it comes to protecting our dogs from drowning in backyard swimming pools. Regardless of the fact that your dog may be able to swim, keep in mind that there are certain ways to prevent tragic accidents that may come about while unsupervised. Here are some safeguards pet owners can take to minimize the risk of an accidental drowning.

Install a pool ramp- Pool ramps for dogs are the best thing since sliced bread. If your pet is too small to access the pool stairs, pool ramps for dogs have surfaces that’ll allow your pets to get a good foot hold and out of the pool safely. These ramps can also be placed in the deeper ends of the pool to access safety.

Install a pool fence- Homeowners greatly prefer pool fences, a guaranteed way to protect your dog around the pool area. A great feature about installing the pool fence is that it can be either permanent or temporary, allowing you to set the fence up during the summertime and taking it down during the cold weather.

Provide life vests for your pets- A dog pool float & lounger is ideal when you’re around to supervise but it’s always a great idea to have your dogs wear life vests around the pool, especially if you’re not around to supervise. Although they may be initially weary about it, they’ll surely get the hang of wearing a life vest in due time. The best way to introduce your pets to wearing a life vest it to start them off with wearing the vest for a couple of minutes and then gradually increase the wearing time until they accept it willingly.

Train your pet to swim to the stairs- Getting in the pool safely with your pet and training them to swim from the deep end of the pool to the stairs will help to increase their competency around backyard pools which’ll surely prevent accidents in the long run.

Written by La'Dasha Thornburry

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