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powder pencil eye shadow, tigi bed head big fat fun eye liner black with smudgie, clio waterproof gel eyeliner

Go celebrity style with your eye makeup this season. Eyes when made up skillfully can give you hot, smoldering eyes, a smoky eyed look or you can go with feline, graceful cat eye makeup. Choose the right products to get the right look. Take a look at some tips here on how to get it right:

Powder pencil eye shadow

When you want that smoking, smoldering look for special events, go for black, brown or gray eye shadow. Go for pencil eye shadow that’s water-resistant and long-lasting like the Covergirl Smoky Shadow Blast eyeshadow. This will give you a smooth, flawless effect even when you go for intense and metallic silver or gold colors.

The soft and luminous texture of powder pencil eye shadow blends evenly on the eyelid and doesn’t mark the eye socket. It remains fresh-looking even under humid conditions. Metallic tones are understated and not flashy and suit most skin tones.

Tigi bed head big fat fun eye liner black with smudgie

When you want it a bit more dramatic, for example, the slanted, cat-like look, try dark green eye shadow and eye liners. Match your metallic eye shadow with your accessories to get the look right. Some makeup experts will tell you to avoid blue eye shadow as they can make you look tired, like you have circles under your eyes.

TIGI Perfect eyeliner comes with an easy to use smudgie that can give your eyes that special, smoky look. It glides on silkily and smoothly just like the TIGI Bed Head Big Fat Fun with Smudgie eye liner.

powder pencil eye shadow, tigi bed head big fat fun eye liner black with smudgieClio waterproof gel eyeliner

Clio gel eyeliner is easy to use and is waterproof. It is a pencil with a gel liner formula. But before applying any eye makeup, take some time to apply some eye primer. This ensures that your makeup remains intact the whole day without smudging. You can combine waterproof eyeliner with some powder eye shadow to retain the effect longer.

Remember to clean the delicate areas around your eyes before going to sleep. Use a cotton ball dipped in olive oil or petroleum jelly like Vaseline to wipe the area and wipe away excess with a warm, damp washcloth.

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