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Are you curious about different sleeve lengths, what they are and what looks best on each person? Then look no further because we have all the answers for you. Read on for some helpful tips on sleeve length and how you can look your best in every outfit you wear.


A normal long-sleeve shirt is called a full-length sleeve. This is something that stretches all the way down the length of your arm. These are common on most thermal and turtle neck shirts. They were also very popular on older wedding dresses. If you want a more vintage style looking dress, get a dress that has long sleeves. These are also great to wear if you’re ever self-conscious about your arms, because the material covers any unsightliness that you may be worried about.

¾ sleeve length

This length is where the sleeve goes up until mid-wrist. This look is popular when it comes to slim athletic tee shirts because they still allow a certain amount of protection if you’re participating in a sport but can keep you cool for any long stretch outdoors.

Elbow length

An elbow length tee shirt is a sleeve that hits right at your elbow. What’s wonderful about these shirts is the casual look that you get from them. When you decide to pick up your own women elbow length tee shirts then make sure that you get a flattering color as well. Stick to cooler palettes if you have brown hair and stick to more warm colors if you have more blonde hair.

Short sleeve

This is one of the last sleeve lengths and is one of the shortest next to no sleeve. Many bridal stores offer dresses that have short sleeves on them. What’s so fun about these is it can give you a casual and fun style to your wedding day or if you have a shirt in this style it’ll keep you cool on any sunny day.

What are some sleeve lengths that you prefer? Tell us in the comments below!

Written by Jessamine Casia

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